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Top Fixes for Power Problems
Power Troubleshooting
The very first thing you want to do is check all power options.

From the wall power outlet to the computer is how we want to troubleshoot a power issue.
TIPS- Do not have intermediary power accessories between the wall outlet and the computer for optimal troubleshooting.
(This includes battery backups, converterter, surge protectors, etc...)

We want a DIRECT power connection from the wall power outlet to the computer. (NOTHING in-between)

Wall Power Verification
Check and make sure that if controlled by a wall switch that the wall power switch is ON.
Also check and make sure there is not a 2nd or 3rd switch that may be connected and controlling power to the wall power outlet that the computer power cable is plugged in to.

To verify this you can grab a small lamp, plug it into the wall power outlet and turn on the lamp. You can also use anything else you know is functional: Fan, Hair Blow Dryer, Blender, etc...
If none of these devices power on from that wall power outlet...Move to another wall power outlet and repeat steps.

Power Cable & Connector Inspection
View and inspect the power cable, power cable prongs, and the connector end that connects to the computer.
Look for tears, burns, cuts, slices, dark discoloration, electrical arcs ( Might look like black charred marks or metal beads, or even holes.)

Did it work?
Does your computer power on now if all looked good from the previous steps?
Do the devices power on but not your computer?

Final Analysis
If the device powered on but your computer still does not power on you may require deeper troubleshooting or a service call.

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